If you are an incoming first-year student and want to take a language placement exam, you can access the link via your New Student Checklist. If you are a returning IC student and want to take a language placement exam, please email tbennett@ithaca.edu.

For Chinese (Hli2@ithaca.edu), Arabic (Fhouissa@ithaca.edu)  Hebrew (mhadar@ithaca.edu) and Latin (Rziomkowski@ithaca.edu)  exams, please contact the instructor directly by email. 

The placement/proficiency exam cannot be used to place out of a requirement.  To place out of a requirement, the student must take the exam when they return to campus. Contact the department (tbennett@ithaca.edu). The placement/proficiency exam shows you where you are in a certain language; no credits are given for taking the exam.