World Languages and Cultures (B.A.)

The World Languages and Cultures major is a highly flexible major that allows students interested in French, German, Italian, and Spanish to deepen their linguistic proficiency and gain a deeper knowledge of the literatures, cultures, and traditions associated with these languages. Students can pursue multiple pathways to completion: focusing intensely on a single language, combining their study of a primary language with additional coursework in a second language, or integrating courses in Linguistics and Translation Studies into their study of language, literature and culture. Foundational courses in the study of literature, linguistics, and cinema will enable students to develop the analytical skills needed to engage with the values and ideas expressed in cultural production, while advanced courses will instill in students cultural understanding and global perspectives, enabling them to feel part of a larger world and able to make socially aware choices.

No matter their particular focus, students graduating with a degree in World Languages and Cultures will obtain a high degree of linguistic proficiency and cultural competence in at least one foreign language, demonstrate an understanding of the nature of language and the concept of culture by making comparisons with other languages and cultures, and develop the skills to analyze and interpret a variety of texts and aesthetic objects. The flexible nature of the degree means that students can tailor their study so as to allow them to focus on other, related professional interests while completing their degree. This program will thus enable students to become productive global citizens, whose linguistic and practical skills and whose broadening of their awareness of global culture will prepare for them for a variety of professions in the global workplace.