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Languages, literatures, and cultures have long been recognized as a cornerstone of the liberal arts tradition, and their study remains just as critical today.
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Deep understanding of languages broadens students’ perspective of the world, and exposes students to long histories and civilizations far beyond their own. 

Ithaca’s Department of World Languages, Literatures, and Cultures (DWLLC) offers a bachelor of arts degree in World Languages and Cultures, with curricula in French and Francophone Studies, German Area Studies, Italian Studies, and Spanish. Our innovative and interdisciplinary major provides students with multiple pathways to completion, either by pursuing expertise in a single language or by combining the study of a primary language with additional coursework in a second language as well courses in linguistics and translation studies. The department also offers minors in French, German, Italian, Spanish, linguistics, and translation studies as well as courses in Chinese. 

The study of languages, literatures, and cultures encourages students to develop and master the skills that employers demand in the workplace: the ability to communicate, negotiate, quickly adapt to new situations, and to creatively problem solve when necessary. To that end, recent graduates have found professional success in areas such as law, government and politics, translation/interpreting, finance and business, as well as teaching, social work, and tourism/hospitality. 

Fall 2024 Courses

Department of World Languages, Literatures, and Cultures


CHIN 10100 Elementary Chinese I ICC: Humanities ; Theme: Identities
FREN 10100Elementary French IICC: Humanities ; Theme: Identities
FREN 10200Elementary French IIICC: Humanities ; Theme: Identities
GERM 10100Elementary German IICC: Humanities ; Theme: Identities
GERM 20000Intermediate GermanICC: Humanities ; Theme: Identities
GERM 32300Advanced German Conversation 
ITAL 10100Elementary Italian IICC: Humanities ; Theme: Identities
ITAL 20000Intermediate ItalianICC: Humanities ; Theme: Identities
SPAN 10100Elementary Spanish IICC: Humanities ; Theme: Identities
SPAN 10200Elementary Spanish IIICC: Humanities ; Theme: Identities
SPAN 20000Intermediate SpanishICC: Humanities ; Theme: Identities
SPAN 33000Spanish Language Creative Writing WorkshopICC: Writing Intensive


LNGS 11200Intersections of Race, Language, Literature and Power in World CulturesICC: Humanities, Diversity ; Themes: Identities, Power and Justice
SPAN 33800Introduction to Latin American LiteratureICC: Diversity
SPAN 34000Latin Lovers: Sexuality and Gender in Literature, Film, and Pop Culture 

Conversation, Film, and Culture

ITAL 21000/ITAL 31000Experiencing Italy: Remarkable CitiesITAL 21000: ICC: Humanities, Creative Arts ; Theme: Identities
LNGS 11100Global Screen CulturesICC: Humanities, Creative Arts ; Theme: Identities
SPAN 32300Conversation: Contemporary Issues 

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