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Race, Power, and Resistance
Explore the social, political, and cultural dimensions of race, power, and resistance. Gain the perspectives and skills to create a more just society.

For students interested in understanding social inequalities, systemic racism, and what we can do about it

The goal of the Race, Power, and Resistance major is to provide students with an option to study concepts, methodologies, and histories related to race, power, and resistance from an interdisciplinary and intersectional perspective. This major has an unapologetic focus on race and power inequalities in the U.S. and the diaspora. It is enhanced by a rich array of interdisciplinary course offerings that is unified by a coherent conceptual core. The major is housed in the Center for the Study of Culture, Race & Ethnicity (CSCRE).

A flexible major

The Race, Power, and Resistance major has an integrated experiential learning component that allows students to apply what they learn in real world contexts. It also has a flexible design that allows students to explore different departments, disciplines, and schools. 

Real life application

The Race, Power and Resistance major helps students obtain knowledge, analytic and writing skills that are central to a range of professions and careers, including: law and policy; governmental legislation; non-profit leadership and development; media advocacy; market research; teaching and education. Alumni of the CSCRE have become film makers, teachers, professional writers, media producers, journalists, and non-profit directors.

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Sean Eversley Bradwell, Assistant Professor and Chair
Center for the Study of Culture Race and Ethnicity (CSCRE)