What does STEM mean?

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics

Who is eligible?

See the separate page on eligibility.

How do I apply?

Download and complete the application form.

How do I submit reference letters?

Reference letters should be sealed with writer's initials on seal. See further details on the application page.

What if I cannot find a job in a high needs school?

If you cannot find a job in a high-needs district, then your scholarship will be converted into a loan which you will pay back according to terms detailed in the agreement you sign prior to accepting the Noyce Scholarship. You will have 8 years to complete your obligation to teach in a high-needs district.

Is there a list of schools that qualify?

Please contact Dr. Peter Martin at pmartin@ithaca.edu.

What if I do not get hired at a school or cannot find an opening?

Scholarship recipients have eight years to fulfill the teaching requirement. In some instances it is understood the requirement may not be met. In this instance: 1) The scholarship amount could be paid back plus a fixed annual interest rate; or 2) The scholarship committee would review the case to determine whether sufficient attempts at meeting the obligations were made.

How many years do I need to teach in a high-need school district?

For every year of scholarship received, the recipient will teach in a high-need school district for two years.

Will I be placed in a particular school or location?

No, the Noyce Scholar is not placed. While it must be in a high-need district, the Scholar is free to choose in what location he/she applies for positions. The Noyce Project Coordinator can help the Scholar determine if the school is high-need.

Do I have to teach in NYS?

While there is a big demand in NYS for the best science and math teachers, Noyce Scholars can teach in any qualified school throughout the United States. The project coordinator can assist in determining if the school district qualifies.