The goal of the No Bucks Theatre is to provide opportunities for students and faculty to produce and present productions on a small scale with artistic freedom. The performance space is Studio 2 in Dillingham Center 

There may be several productions each year, depending on the scheduling, with at least one production slot reserved each semester for a faculty member. If no faculty member wishes to direct or produce in a semester then the slot is available for a student production.

Each student-proposed production must have a theatre major as the individual responsible, referred to as the producer in this description. The producer can represent any area of the production team, such as acting, directing, choreography, stage management, management, or design/technical. This individual must submit a completed proposal to the No Bucks board along with one copy of the script.

The No Bucks board is elected at the start of each school year. A student majoring in each of these areas will be elected: acting/musical theatre, theatre arts management, theatrical production arts, B.A. theatre studies and one student from any theatre major will be elected as an at-large representative. In addition, two theatre majors will be appointed to the board by the department chair. The election will be held after the opening meeting of the department in the fall. Interested students must self nominate and submit a resume and a short statement on why they would like to serve on the board. This information will be posted on the No Bucks callboard prior to the election.

The No Bucks board, in monthly consultation with its faculty advisor, makes the decision on the proposal. The proposals will be judged on the following criteria:

  1. Preparation of the proposal
  2. Qualifications of the individual submitting the proposal and others already committed to the project
  3. Potential benefit to the department
  4. Preference will be given to one-hour productions

After a proposal is approved for a specific slot, the producer must consult with the lighting design teacher to discuss the assignment of a lighting student to design the production. The other members of the design, technical, and management staff for the production must be secured by the producer. The members of the No Bucks board can be helpful by suggesting other interested students. It is important to understand that support is not available from the costume and scene shops. The expectation is to present these productions with rehearsal furniture and limited props and mostly contemporary costumes. The department will pay the royalties and purchase the scripts. The coordinator of theatre operations should be contacted immediately after a proposal is approved for the timely order of performance rights and scripts.

Typically, the board assigns a two-week production slot. A maximum of three performances in the space is allowed. Performances may be presented at any time during the assigned slot except on days when a main stage performance is scheduled, although the standard schedule calls for an 8:00 Sunday performance and a 5:00 and 8:00 Monday performance. Rehearsals prior to the two-week production slot in Studio 2 may be scheduled through the coordinator of theatre operations. The producer is responsible for insuring that Studio 2 (and the support area) is left in a clean, well-organized condition after each rehearsal, and that everything used for the production is returned to the appropriate space as soon as the performances are finished. 

Proposal forms are available in the theatre office and the deadlines for submission will be posted on the department callboard. Each production will be assigned a No Bucks board member as its liaison, and when there are concerns or problems this member should be contacted.

Specific questions about No Bucks can be directed to the department chair or the faculty advisor.

Once a production has been approved

The producer should see the coordinator of theatre operations immediately. At this meeting you will discuss your performance rights and rehearsal schedule and you will receive your key set. Your production will only receive one key, so it must be shared by the director, the stage manager, and the technical team. The key will allow access to Studio 2 as well as Dillingham 024, the storage area.

Lighting Procedures

If members of the production team do not know how to use the equipment, they should schedule a training session with the technical supervisor.

Studio II offers the following equipment:

  • 10 – Source4 Jr. Zooms
  • 10 – Altman 360 6x9s
  • 20 – 6” Fresnels
  • 24 – 2.4Kw Dimmers
  • 1 – ETC Express 24/48

This equipment is stored in Dill 024 and must be returned there at the strike of the show. Additionally, the Express Light Board must be put away in Dill 024 any time the team is not working in Studio 2.

Other Technical Areas

Acquisition of all other technical elements (scenery, props, costumes, sound) is the responsibility of the production team. 


The No Bucks performance and rehearsal space is Studio 2. On the scheduled tech and performance days, a classroom will also be assigned to use as a green room.


Rehearsal Period – Rehearsals begin the Monday two weeks before the schedules performance dates.  Rehearsal times are scheduled for Monday through Friday 7:00 – 10:00 pm. Additional time is available for weekend rehearsal but MUST be arranged in advance with the coordinator of theatre operations. 

Load-in – The Saturday before the scheduled performance days is the load-in/tech day. Load in of scenery or other technical elements should not begin before this point. This is also the day to rehearse any technical elements of the show, write light cues, listen to sound cues, etc.

Performances – Each No Bucks production has three performance slots: Sunday 8:00 pm and Monday 5:00 pm and 8:00 pm. Performance days and times should not be changed without discussion with the coordinator of theatre operations and/or the chair of the department.

Strike – At the conclusion of the Monday night performance the show must be struck. This means taking home any costumes, props, and set pieces that were brought in, returning any borrowed equipment and returning all lighting equipment to storage in Dill 024. Dill 024 as well as Studio 2 must be clean and organized for the next user. Failure to complete the strike could affect members of the team’s chances at participating in another No Bucks production.