Academic Degrees - Final entry term: Fall 2021

Spanish (B.A.)
Spanish Teacher Education (B.A.)

Students currently enrolled in the above majors will be supported through completion of their degree. (For degree requirements, please refer to the Ithaca College catalog for the year in which you declared this major.) For those interested in teaching, learn about IC’s “Teach in 5” program.

Our Spanish program offers many opportunities for Ithaca College students to apply their language skills in meaningful ways!

Spring 2021 Upper Level Courses with Descriptions

SPAN 26100 Holocaust Literature and Film:  From Auschwitz to the Americas

Taught in English, this course examines holocaust representation in literature and film, and the Jewish diaspora in the Americas, with a particular focus on Latin America. We will explore the power of narration to express the human capacity for resistance and resilience. 

SPAN 32100 Advanced Spanish Grammar and Composition HU LA

This class is a writing workshop to address aspects of Spanish that English speakers find problematic. Examples include: gender, number and agreement, semantics, verb aspect & mood & idiomatic expressions. The purpose of the course is to eliminate errors from student’s writing.

SPAN 32300 Spanish Conversation HU LA 3a, g

To improve students' fluency in conversational Spanish. By the end of the semester students should be able to speak and express their opinions with confidence on a wide range of topics (cultural, social, political, economic, moral, etc.). Frequent cross-cultural comparisons will be made. Oral, aural, and reading proficiency will be developed through the reading of newspaper articles and literary selections. Students will also view TV shows and films. Discussions and textbook exercises will further the above mentioned skills.

SPAN 32500 Experiencing Hispanic Literature HU LA

Provides students with essential vocabulary for critical literary analysis and introduces them to different literary genres (poetry, drama, fiction, essay, testimonial literature) through representative readings from both Spanish and Latin American literatures. Teaches students to read literature and write about it from an analytical perspective.

SPAN 33500 Spanish Civilization and Culture HU LA 1g, h

Taught entirely in Spanish, this course is an exploration of the people and cultures of Spain. Traces human development and culture in each of the regions of Spain. Focus on contemporary issues of globalization and immigration while addressing ethnicity, gender, religion, class, and the arts.

SPAN 33800 Introduction to Latin American Literature HU LA 3a, g

This course will examine the work of representative Latin American writers. Emphasis will be placed on Latin America‘s cultural and literary development as well as its search for identity.

SPAN 35500 The Art of Translation  LAEL, WI

To study further the Spanish language through the art of translation. Students will develop skills in Spanish to English and English to Spanish translation using a variety of texts: letters, literary selections, journalism, advertisements, "how to" material, etc. A close reading of the material translated will help students focus on the nuances of each language and intercultural differences. Comparative analysis of Spanish and English grammatical structures and word order will play a fundamental role, as will the development of dictionary-using skills.

SPAN 37900 Latin Lovers: Sexuality and Gender in Latin American Literature, Film, and Pop Culture LAEL

“Latin Lovers” will explore how constructions of sexual and gender identity are both depicted and subverted in film, pop culture, and a variety of literary genres:  poetry, short stories, drama, and novels. We will read canonical texts with a new attention to their "perversities" and learn about the explosion of literature, film, and popular culture since 1967 that refuses to accept heterosexual conventions in art or in life.

Teaching Assistantships

Students serve as language drill instructors for our beginning Spanish classes. Assistants are paid and work closely with a Spanish professor to develop effective drill sessions and earn invaluable teaching experience.

Free Drop-In Tutoring

Students of Spanish offer free, drop-in tutoring for peers currently enrolled in courses at Ithaca College. Student tutors work closely with a faculty adviser, and our aim is always to make language learning fun and meaningful. Weekly sessions take place in the LCEC (Job 209). Check the link for current dates/times.


Weekly Spanish conversation hours hosted by Spanish majors. The tertulias are very well attended and make for a great social opportunity and Spanish immersion experience outside of the classroom.


Every semester students produce Spanish language plays that are open to the public. Students involved in Teatro can take on any role they desire (acting, directing, managing, etc). In December 2013 Teatro was invited to present at the United Nations for International Human Rights Day!

¡SALTAR! Teaching Spanish Language through the Arts and Recreation

Students lead Spanish enrichment classes for children in local elementary schools. Students design culturally relevant language lessons, with the supervision of a professor, and teach at the schools on a weekly basis.


Students meets regularly with native Spanish-speaking conversation partners in Ithaca and migrant farmworkers throughout Tompkins County as part of a language and cultural exchange.

Study Abroad

Ithaca College has numerous affiliations with study abroad programs in Spain, Latin America, and the Caribbean. Students generally choose to study abroad for a semester during their junior year at Ithaca College. The Office of International Programs at Ithaca College is a fantastic resource!

Featured Story

Spanish language students from IC Teatro celebrating their United Nations performance with María Cristina Perceval on International Human Rights Day 2013.

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