Résumés should be one page in length -- no more -- with one-inch margins and in a 12-point, standard font (such as Times New Roman or Helvetica).

The header of your résumé should include your name, voice type, contact information, and a miniature of your headshot. Do not include your height, weight or eye color (this information is for theater and musical theater auditions only). Your name can be in a larger font, and the style and color can be different from the rest of your résumé. This is your professional letterhead.

Include clear headings (see template in link below). Organize the information in columns, with your most recent experience first. If your past experience includes being cast as a cover (understudy), denote that clearly. Scenes programs (such as Opera Workshop) can be listed under the heading "Scenes" or "Partial Roles." Choir, opera chorus, recitals and concerts, theater, and musical theater experience is relevant performance experience that may be listed on your résumé. "Special Skills" are other current, relevant skills that make you a valuable addition to the cast: particularly, languages (example: Italian diction or Italian 102) and movement (example: 8 years of ballet). Remember that "relevant" does not specifically mean "European": proficiency in non-European languages and dance traditions are most certainly relevant, valuable experience. Skills listed must be current: if you would not be comfortable demonstrating a skill in the audition, do not list it on your résumé.

file-outline Sample_Resume.pdf - Sample_Resume.pdf (101.78 KB)


Your rep list is a list of the pieces you are offering for your audition. These are pieces you have worked on with your teacher and your teacher has approved. The selection you plan to start with is printed first. At the top of the page, include your letterhead (your name, voice type and contact information, as printed on your résumé). The selections should represent contrasting musical styles and languages and should showcase your different strengths. Always read an audition announcement very carefully and be sure your rep list matches the specifications.

file-outline Sample_Rep_List.pdf - Sample_Rep_List.pdf (66.96 KB)


This is an 8 x 10-inch photo of you, recently taken. It is a photo of your head and shoulders in which your face can be seen clearly. It is labelled with your name and voice type, either in the bottom corner or on the back. Ideally, the image is in color, but a black and white image is also acceptable.


For more information about how to prepare audition materials and other helpful insights on how to prepare for auditions, visit Carnegie Hall's resource page here.

Looking for more information about professional skills for classical musicians? Angela Myles Beeching's indispensable book,Beyond Talent: Creating a Successful Career in Music is available at Gannett Library (ML3795.B44) and on Amazon here.


For more information, or if you have difficulty accessing the links, email Professor Christopher Zemliauskas.