Auditions for Department of Theatre Arts productions occur twice a year at the start of the semester, usually beginning on the Sunday prior to the first day of classes. General auditions are typically held from 12:00 noon to 9:00 p.m. on Sunday, with dance calls and callbacks continuing 6:00 to 11:00 pm during the remaining evenings of the week. All casting for faculty- and guest-directed shows, senior directing projects, and directing ensembles during a given semester will, whenever possible, be done at one time. Casting is usually posted on the first Friday of classes.

Auditions for Department of Theatre Arts productions are open to all students at Ithaca College. Students in the B.F.A. performance degrees (acting and musical theatre) are required to audition every semester that they are on the home campus. In the fall of their first year, performance students may opt out of callbacks and casting, but must still complete the general audition. At the fall semester auditions, a block of slots is set aside for the freshmen/transfer performance majors, so that performance faculty may see the work of the entire new, incoming class.

The specific dates for auditions and callbacks each semester are listed on the Production Calendar.

All information regarding auditions, including sign-ups for each semester is published on a Microsoft Teams page, available only to current Ithaca College students. This site is updated a few weeks before auditions take place each semester. The Teams page contains audition requirements, scripts, callback sides, and other materials. Students must upload a .pdf of their headshot/résumé and complete the audition forms by the deadline in order to be scheduled for the auditions.

Auditions are held in a professional manner which includes appropriate clothing, thorough preparation of the appropriate materials, and reporting to the stage manager at the appointed time.

LATE ARRIVAL: There may be occasions in which a student must arrive on campus after fall or spring classes begin due to extenuating circumstances or professional contractual obligations. Students who wish to petition that absences from their theatre classes and/or auditions be excused because of those obligations must provide their degree coordinator, the department chair, and the stage management supervisor with a copy or .pdf of their contract with the ending date of employment clearly indicated or a written statement of those extenuating circumstances. If approved, the student is also responsible for contacting each of their professors, notifying of their late arrival. These arrangements must be accomplished no later than two weeks prior to the beginning of classes. The department late arrival policy is located here.