B.S. Theatre Arts Management

Students in the B.S. theatre arts management major are reviewed four consecutive semesters starting with the first semester in the program. For example, incoming freshman are reviewed at the end of their first fall semester. Transfer students are reviewed at the end of their first semester in the program whether fall or spring. Review will be conducted together with the students and all members of the theatre arts management faculty and staff. Review is separate from a student’s advising session with their department-appointed academic adviser, which takes place each semester near midterm.

Student review will be based on:

  1. Meeting goals as outlined in the year-by-year learning outcomes.
  2. Adherence to professional and appropriate attire.
  3. Development of a professional work attitude and demeanor.
  4. Positive attitude and demonstrated initiative toward improvement.
  5. Maintaining sound academic standing within the School of Music, Theatre, and Dance.
  6. Maintaining a personal calendar, meeting deadlines, and arriving punctually to all scheduled commitments.
  7. Communicating effectively.
  8. Feedback from TAM faculty and staff; feedback from peer staff and peer managers.
  9. Ability to adapt to work as a member of a team and independently.
  10. Participation in the overall producing function of the department.
  11. Performance in assigned positions with or without academic credit.
  12. Creation and regular maintenance of a career development plan with accompanying materials, including a theatre arts management résumé, Linked In profile, and Taskstream Folio.

Theatre Arts Management area faculty and staff support students to help them achieve their academic, programmatic, and career goals. Please contact TAM area coordinator for questions about review.

Students earning a grade of B- or lower in foundational theatre management courses, including Theatre Organization and Management, Promotion and Publicity for the Performing Arts, Producing Theatre, and Fundraising for the Performing Arts, and/or a grade of C or lower in core theatre management courses, including mathematics, economics, accounting, and writing will be advised to self-discontinue from the theatre arts management major and seek entrance into another major at Ithaca College. Discontinued students will not be permitted to continue participating in the program, including practicum assignments and special projects, and/or enrollment in special topics, independent study, and internship courses. Students receive a written evaluation letter each semester of review summarizing their progress and outlining strengths and areas for growth and improvement. Students can be discontinued from the major because of a failure to meet the academic standards of Ithaca College or for violation of the Student Conduct Code.

A review sign-up sheet will be posted on the board outside Dillingham 027 two weeks prior to review. Theatre arts management students will receive an e-mail when the sign-up sheet is posted. It is the responsibility of the student to sign-up for a ten-minute appointment. Students who fail to schedule an appointment and participate in review jeopardize their continuing status in the program.

revised 7/7/2022