Pre-registration for the spring semester usually begins in late October and for the fall semester usually begins in late March. Once the precise dates are announced, you will receive an e-mail from the Registrar providing specific instructions. Here is a general outline of the procedure:

  1. Review the current class schedule available online at
  2. Look over the degree requirements for your program as published in the college catalog; based on those requirements, write out a proposed schedule of classes for the semester. Degree requirement worksheets (available in the main office and in the back of this handbook) will help you plan your course of study.
  3. Check the callboard for any departmental recommendations or announcements regarding registration.
  4. Read the “Homer Connect Quick Guide”, which is available at the Registrar’s Office website ( Also check the website for updated information regarding online registration. NOTE YOUR TIME FOR ONLINE REGISTRATION. It is usually determined by group classification (honors, exploratory, class, etc.) and number of credits earned according to transcript plus number of credits for which you are enrolled in for the current semester.
  5. Make an appointment to see your advisor to discuss your proposed schedule and any questions you may have about the registration process. Check to see if your advisor has any additional requirements for you to accomplish before the meeting.
  6. When you meet with your advisor, bring your proposed schedule of classes and a pencil. The Humanities and Sciences Supplement is on the H&S Catalogs and Supplements website, will provide a more detailed description of most H&S classes than is included in the college catalog. Be sure to select alternate courses in case your first choices are closed.
  7. After meeting with your advisor, you are ready to register online according to your access time as listed at