Students are asked to wear proper attire for a dance class. Students are requested to wear solid form-fitting clothing without prints, design, imagery, or text: leotard and tights, jazz/yoga pants, fitness shirt or tank, dance shorts/skorts, exercise shirts, biker-shorts, unitards, etc. Excessively loose athletic shorts (i.e. basketball shorts to or past one's knees) are not ideal for class; however shorts that have some flow are allowed provided there is a biker short or tights/stretch pants underneath. Proper undergarments are requested to be worn at all times. Underpants should be avoided with a leotard and tights but a thong/g-string may be appropriate. Bras should be worn if necessary. Shirts with built-in bras are acceptable. Tight fitting undergarments are essential such as dance belts or supportive briefs. Boxer shorts are not conducive to our work. The dance faculty ask students to refrain from wearing long earrings or other hanging jewelry in class and wearing watches. Hair is kindly tied up, away from one's face and neck. There are suggested shoes for ballet, jazz, and tap, which individual instructors detail for their classes.