The dance faculty believe wearing specific attire for a dance class is an important part of the culture of learning dance and working as a dancer in a studio. Respecting each student’s comfort, we ask for the following:

  • Clothing that is more tailored than baggy. Leotard, athletic shirt or tank. Tights, leggings, jazz/yoga pants, dance/biker shorts. 
  • Solids. Avoid prints, design, imagery, or text.
  • No hanging jewelry such as long earrings and necklaces. 
  • Hair tied up away from the head. 
  • Each faculty member will detail the use of shoes in their course. Generally:
    • Ballet: ballet slippers; pointe shoes in pointe class
    • Tap: tap shoes
    • Jazz: flat jazz/character shoe or jazz sneaker. Heel optional.
    • Modern: working mostly barefoot or in socks, a dedicated studio sneaker or jazz shoe is an option and can be helpful to have.
    • Dance for the Musical Stage: jazz shoes, jazz sneakers, and character shoes are used over the course of the year-long sequence