All individuals using the facilities are responsible for maintaining the building. You are required to use wastebaskets to dispose of refuse. Recycling bins for copier paper (white and colored) and typing paper are available in the main office, next to the copier and at several other locations in the building. Leave all furniture where it is located. The person in charge of any function, whether faculty or student, will take the responsibility for assuring that established procedures are followed. Failure to follow these procedures may result in the withdrawal of permission to use the facilities.

Upon completion of any function (class, rehearsal, etc.) the supervisor (faculty or student) is to make certain that the space is returned to its normal, usable condition. Desks and chairs are to be returned to their normal placement. ALL rehearsal furniture and properties are to be returned to their proper storage areas. If additional furniture is required, the supervisor should contact the technical director, scene shop supervisor or a technical assistant.

All spaces used for storage of props, tools, sound or lighting equipment, costumes, etc., are not to be left unattended unless they are locked. SECURITY is a priority in this building!