Dillingham 041 is not a green room nor a general use computer lab. Students are not allowed to eat their lunch, take a nap, or otherwise occupy this space without intent to work in a management capacity. Only those students with keycard access may use this room.

Who can use this room
   • Theatre arts management students
   • Stage managers
   • Anyone involved in a management related activity

Room Hours
The management room is available for use during building operating hours, 6:00 a.m. to 1:00 a.m. The room is to be locked at all times. Permission for access to the room is available through these people:
   • The chair of the department
   • The coordinator of theatre operations
   • The T.A.M. coordinator
   • The manager of audience development and special projects

Those students with access to the room are responsible for all persons working inside. Enforcement of proper access is partially the responsibility of the student.

Access (ID Card Swipe)
Access must be obtained through the coordinator of theatre operations. Access to this space is a privilege. Improper use of the room is cause for suspension of privileges.

All supplies found in this room are to remain in the room, with the exception of memo paper used in correspondence throughout the department. Any person who removes supplies from this room is subject to access privilege suspension. New supplies are to be ordered through the manager of audience development and special projects.

The equipment provided for use in the room should be treated kindly. Should there be any problems with maintenance, it is the student’s responsibility to report it as soon as possible to the manager of audience development and special projects. The computers and printers are not for personal use. Failure to follow this guideline may result in the loss of this equipment.

During performances, ushers may deposit their coats and book-bags in this room. Students who have access may use the room at any time during the day. Those students who work late at night in the room should keep the door closed and locked. Be aware of other people who may be working in the building. It is a good idea to contact Safety and Security to escort you to your vehicle or across campus.

Since this space will be shared with many other students, it is important that others’ work be respected. Do not move, organize, file, borrow, or lend anyone else’s materials without permission.