The coordinator of theatre operations, room 223, schedules the use of theatre department spaces. Please fill out the online form to begin the scheduling process. Mainstage productions, second stage productions and senior directing projects have priority over other events. All faculty, staff and students are strongly encouraged to sign out spaces ahead of time to ensure that the space is available for their sole use.

The Clark and Hoerner Theatres will not have events in performance simultaneously. Major productions have full use of the theatre starting ten days before the opening of the production and no other group will be granted use of the theatre during this time.

If they are not being used for scheduled main stage rehearsals, theatre department spaces are open to students from the end of scheduled classes until 1:00 a.m. Monday through Friday and from 7:00 a.m. until 1:00 a.m. on Saturday and Sunday. No shoes other than dance shoes should be worn in the studios, unless the tarpaulin is covering the dance floor. Students must provide their own source of music in the dance studios.

Theatrical productions, whether they are main stage, second stage, No-Bucks, or independent projects, are typically not permitted during exam week. Exceptions to this rule are at the sole discretion of the chair of the Department of Theatre Arts.

Any person or persons using any theatre department space is completely responsible for leaving the space in an orderly, clean condition. Failure to follow this procedure may result in the withdrawal of permission to use the facilities.

Priority: The following groups of people have priority (in the following order) in the theatre department facilities:

  1. Department mainstage productions Legally Blonde, Translations, etc.
  2. Department non-mainstage productions No-Bucks, Sr Dir Projects
  3. Theatre Arts Faculty and Staff
  4. Department students classwork/review work
  5. Other theatre department student productions The Elsewhere Ensemble, Acahti, etc.
  6. Other non-department student groups and Department majors’ personal projects:  IC Unbound, Amani Gospel, choreographing a Kitchen Sink production, etc.

Spaces: Theatre department facilities available for use are:

  • Hoerner Theatre
  • Clark Theatre
  • Design Room
  • Classroom 006
  • Classroom 008
  • Studio 1 (dance studio)
  • Studio 2 (black box)
  • Studio 3 (dance studio)
  • Studio 4 (large acting studio)
  • Studio 5 (acting studio)

Please note: No food or drink is allowed in the theatres and studios.