It is the policy of the Department of Theatre Arts that students contemplating accepting a commitment to a theatre or film project outside the main theatre arts season (i.e. any project for which a student may receive a grade is considered part of the season) must process a Request to Participate in a Non-Departmental Production form. This form must be filled out, signed by all appropriate parties, and be put on file in the Theatre Arts main office. Since permission is not automatically granted, the form needs to be on file by no later than the first day of rehearsal for the project. Please understand that failure to comply with this rule not only violates policy but represents unprofessional behavior, because it jeopardizes the project by risking the possible untimely loss of your participation in it and the need to find a replacement.

Each degree program has specific procedures on the back of the form where signatures must be obtained.

Please note that any student on departmental probation may not request to participate in any production outside the main stage season.