Smoking Restrictions at Ithaca College

Ithaca College Policy Manual, Volume II, section 2.8.10:

In recognition of research demonstrating that smoking is hazardous to both the smoker as well as the non-smoker who may be breathing secondhand smoke, New York State has adopted a law that imposes a number of restrictions on smoking in indoor areas open to the public. The following policy was adopted by Ithaca College in order to comply with this law.

General Guidelines

Smoking is prohibited in all residence halls and apartments, dining areas, classrooms, theaters, auditoriums, gymnasiums, the indoor pool area, laboratories, the library, individual offices, College cars and vans, meeting rooms, lounges, balconies, hallways, stairwells, lobby areas, restrooms, elevators, waiting rooms, areas that contain photocopying equipment or other office equipment used in common, and all other indoor campus facilities unless otherwise indicated below.

Instructional Areas

Smoking by performers as part of a theatrical production is permitted. Smoking is strictly prohibited in all other areas used for instructional purposes.

Designated Outdoor Smoking Area

The designated smoking area for Dillingham Center is the F lot Parking Median. Smoking outside any entrance to the building is prohibited.