In an emergency, (injury, fire, any dangerous situation) call 911.

Please contact the Office of Public Safety at (607) 274-3333, if you are unsure of how to respond and need assistance, or if this is a holiday, weekend, or after business hours and someone requires immediate assistance.  From a campus phone, dial 4-3333.

Health, wellness & safety are priorities in the Department of Theatre Arts, through the lens of Anti-Racism, Covid-19, the safe operation of equipment and systems, and the practices and actions we exhibit in our classrooms, studios, dressing rooms, offices, hallways, and theatre venues.  It is on all of us to establish and sustain a safe environment in which everyone can achieve their educational goals.

Bias-Impact Reporting:

We acknowledge the primacy of anti-racism as an ongoing, long-term practice, and strive to provide students, faculty and staff with an equitable and safe learning and work environment in accordance to all College policies and practices.

The links to the left provide you with resources for handling emergencies and situations that happen in Dillingham that need immediate attention or follow-up, such as injuries in shop spaces, theatres, classrooms or studios, and for reporting interactions that are bias-related.  Additionally, training and safety documentation and resources are listed here. All students working backstage in any capacity are expected to read and know these safety guidelines and practices as well as emergency procedures.  Please use the tabs at the left side of this page to navigate the contents of this Health and Safety section.

Ithaca College Occupational Safety Policies

Ithaca College is committed to ensuring a safe working environment.  For the full list of Ithaca College's Occupational Safety Policies, click here.