Assistant Choreographer for Musicals and Dance Concerts

The position of assistant choreographer will be available for all "graded" productions (those available for Rehearsal and Performance credit) in the Hoerner, Clark, and McCarroll theatres. In some cases, a choreographer or director/choreographer may choose not to utilize an assistant, or to utilize more than one assistant, and have the final say on how they engage and utilize these positions.

Applying for an assistant choreographer position does not preclude a student from being cast in any of the productions of the Ithaca College main stage season.

Job Description:

  • Work with choreographers to help them realize their dance or movement design concepts
  • Work with performers on dance compositions and movement
  • Teach and clean choreography, movement, and blocking as needed
  • Possess visual and creative abilities
  • Be able to create and maintain the "dance bible" for the production
  • Be able to effectively demonstrate most, if not all, of the choreography in the production
  • Have teaching skills
  • Have perseverance and stamina
  • Possess excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Be self motivated
  • Be able to work calmly and effectively under pressure and maintain confidentiality
  • Have strong team work skills
  • Be practical and able to solve problems creatively
  • Have strong organizational skills

Criteria and Application Process:

  • Junior standing (by the time the assignment would occur)
  • Successful completion of two 200-level dance classes (with minimally a B grade) or permission of the choreographer
  • Submission of a brief statement (one page maximum), outlining individual goals and objectives for serving in this capacity and how this experience will further you overall educational goals
  • A request of specific shows in order of preference for which you wish to be considered and a short rationale for your order of preference (one-two sentences)
  • Submission of an up-to-date résumé of relevant experience

Applications must be submitted electronically as pdfs via email to the chair of the Department of Theatre Arts and artistic associate, who will distribute copies of those who meet the criteria to the appropriate individual director(s) and/or choreographer(s). Individual director(s) or choreographer(s) may request an interview with any, all, or none of the applicants. The director(s) and/or choreographer(s) will then forward to the chair the name or names of the students they would consider for this assignment. The chair of the department, in consultation with the individual director(s) and/or choreographer(s), the director of artistic programming, and the performance faculty, will make the final assignments and notify all applicants as soon as the selection process is complete.