Upon request of the director, rehearsal costumes will be made available for major productions. Be aware that stock is limited. Rehearsal clothing is a tool of your profession; it is wise to acquire your own in order to insure availability and fit. 

Costumes for directing projects and classroom scenes will be handled on an individual basis at the discretion of the costume shop manager. Anyone signing out costumes is personally responsible for their return or replacement. 

Fittings are requested by the costume shop and scheduled through the stage manager. Should any scheduling problems occur, the actor should contact the costume shop (274-3340) so that accommodations can be made.

Actors must arrive at their fittings on time, with appropriate underwear, and in a state of physical cleanliness. Actors with shoulder-length hair or longer should come prepared to arrange it up from their necks.

There is no eating, drinking, or smoking permitted in costume. Warmups should be conducted in appropriate clothing before the costume is put on. If the actor has an extended period of time between entrances, they might be well advised to remove the costume for this period.

The actor is, of course, expected to hang their costume(s) up neatly in the dressing room closets. There is ample space for shoes, accessories, and makeup kits to be locked away each evening. They are also responsible for keeping the dressing room neat, clean, and free of clutter. Specifically, each actor will pick up after themself each night.