The purposes of production photo calls are:

  1. to provide a photographic archival record of the significant directorial, design and choreographic features of every Ithaca College Theatre production,
  2.  to provide photographic documentation of the artistic achievements of directors, designers and choreographers for their professional portfolios, and
  3. to provide photography for the purposes of marketing the department and its production season.

The photo call is supervised by the director of each production and managed by the theatre arts management coordinator or manager of audience development and special projects, who arranges for the photographer. The call is limited to two hours or twenty-five setups, whichever comes first. The call begins from the time the house is cleared of audience and the photographer has set up his or her equipment. The director, choreographer, stage manager, or relevant designer is responsible for notifying the photographer when each shot is ready to be taken. The professional photographer shall be the first person to shoot a particular setup. If a shot is intended as a portfolio shot rather than as an archival shot, the professional photographer should be clearly informed. For archival shots, the photographer is free to request adjustment of light levels to ensure adequate illumination for the photo.

Apart from the hired professional photographer, the following production staff are permitted to take pictures: director, choreographer, musical director, scene designer, costume designer, technical director, costume shop manager, properties master, scenic artist, master carpenter, lighting designer, sound designer, master electrician. The aforementioned personnel may designate an assistant to take photos for them. Flash photography is prohibited.

A production meeting specifically to determine the list of shots to be taken at photo call shall be scheduled close to opening night. The photo call production meeting shall include, but shall not be limited to, the director, the designers, the choreographer and the stage manager. It is the responsibility of this group to ensure that the photo list adequately captures the outstanding characteristics of the production for the three purposes of photo call noted above. Photo setups are to be designated as “close up” (photographer shoots from onstage) or “wide” (photographer shoots from the house). The stage manager will forward the list to the theatre arts management coordinator or manager of audience development and special projects and will post the list for the actors and crew.