Theatre Projects & Independent Studies

Theatre Projects (THEA 4900x) are a practical, hands-on exploration of applied methods or techniques. The normal result is a performance or a tangible product.

Independent Studies (THEA 4990x) are independent research and reading guided by a faculty member normally resulting in a paper.

Proposals for Theatre Projects and Independent Studies must be approved by the Center for Theatre and Dance Curriculum Committee prior to registration for the semester in which the study is to be undertaken.


Only juniors and seniors having an overall G.P.A. of 2.3 with 3.0 in the major may apply.


Theatre Projects and Independent Studies may not duplicate or substitute for standard course work within the Center for Theatre and Dance. No retroactive credit will be granted by the Center for Theatre and Dance. Students should refer to the Ithaca College Undergraduate Catalog for credit hour limitations.


  1. Discuss idea for the study/project with the department faculty member qualified to supervise.
  2. Write a detailed proposal in the form of a design statement using the following prompts:
    1. Student's Name
    2. Faculty Sponsor's Name
    3. Project Title
    4. A description of the learning objectives of the Theatre Project. This should identify the specific outcomes the student is expected to achieve. (i.e. What specific skills, knowledge or capacities is the student expected to attain?)
    5. The student’s background preparation for the undertaking of the study and project creation. (Such as previous course work, performance, internships.)
    6. Reading List, which is sufficient to provide focus and stimulate research and investigation.
    7. Form, size and scope of the results, such as a working model, computer program, performance, stage design, etc. 5. Method and amount of ongoing interaction with faculty supervisor. (Such as periodic discussion of reading, discussion of outlines, paper drafts, viewing of progress on the project, discussion of journal or rehearsals.)
    8. Breakdown of time to be spent on each area of the process involved in the project; described as hours per week. (Such as time spent with supervisor, reading time, design work, writing time, rehearsal time, presentation period preparation.) This should be total hour per week and total hours per semester.
    9. Evaluation: Note the method of Grading as P/F or A-F. Include percentages of weight given to various elements of the project. (e.g. Research and Journal 20%, Rehearsals and meetings with faculty 20%, Project Presentation/Application 60%.)
    10. Course Number and Amount of Credit. The rule of thumb to use is that 1 credit represents 40-45 hours of student learning. This is based on 1 hour of student-teacher contact and 2 additional hours of preparation for each of 14-15 weeks.
  3. Complete the workflow form found at the bottom of this page and attached a PDF of the design statement.
  4. The workflow form will route to the proposer's academic advisor’s for approval.
  5. The form will then route to the Center for Theatre and Dance Curriculum & Assessments Committee for review. The Committee evaluates all proposals to assess academic and/or creative value, and confirms the appropriate number of credits for the study. This process might involve some back and forth with the proposer for clarification and a revised design statement may be requested.
  6. Once approved - the proposer will engage in the study conforming to the design statement.

Theatre Project / Independent Study Workflow Form

Use the form to begin the workflow once you have completed your design statement.