For the safety of students, faculty, and staff, access to technical production areas is restricted to students and faculty who are properly trained to supervise crews. Therefore, keys for the scenery, sound, electrics, or costume areas will be signed out to the designated student supervisors for the production periods of their assigned shows. Only faculty and staff supervisors will grant permission for keys to be assigned to any particular student, and students should sign out all keys from the coordinator of theatre operations, Dillingham 223. A student technical director, for example, may be allowed the use of a scene shop key for the build and run of his/her production. That key will be returned to the coordinator of theatre operations the day after strike. Keys may also be assigned to certain students on a short-term basis as the need arises. Keys will be assigned only to those students who are designated as supervisors and who are trained to run production crews in the absence of a faculty or staff member. Keys will not automatically be assigned to students in certain positions; faculty and staff members in individual areas will determine who needs keys and when they need them. Off-hour crew calls must be approved by the area faculty or staff supervisor; possession of a key does not give student supervisors the right to call special crews.

Serious responsibilities accompany the privilege of being assigned a key. The student to whom a key is entrusted is to use his/her access to fulfill specific production responsibilities; the facility is not to be opened for everyone who wishes to use it. Ithaca College theatre resources are never to be used for commercial or non-College projects and work on personal projects will be allowed only by special permission and only when a faculty or staff member is present. It will be the responsibility of the student supervisor to see that there is no unauthorized use of the facility, that work spaces are properly cleaned and that all equipment is secured and the facility locked after the scheduled call. The specifics of cleaning and securing each area will be given to student supervisors working in those areas.

Since the student supervisor will usually be the only person with permission to use the area, s/he will be held solely responsible if violations of any of the above regulations are discovered. Such violations will result in disciplinary action; this may include removal of the student from his/her supervisory position.