As part of their production responsibilities, students may be given purchasing privileges for a specific area of production. All purchases are authorized in advance through the coordinator of theatre operations. Students must observe the following procedures and guidelines:

Petty Cash
Reimbursement will be made in cash up to $20 and only for the amount of the purchase and must be accompanied by a receipt. (Purchases over $20 will be reimbursed with a College issued check.) No tax will be reimbursed, so students must pick up tax exempt forms when they get their purchases authorized. Students may also be reimbursed for gas used to make pickups and deliveries, but must submit a receipt or a statement of mileage.

Petty Cash Advance
If the student is going to another city for an extensive shopping trip, the coordinator of theatre operations can arrange for a petty cash advance ($75-$500). The student and their faculty advisor must notify the coordinator of theatre operations 48 hours in advance of the trip. The student is responsible for the petty cash advance and after the shopping trip must return either receipts or unused cash to compensate for the entire amount.

Purchasing Card
All design/tech faculty and staff members, as well as each production area, have Ithaca College authorized purchasing cards. With the supervising faculty’s permission, a student may use a purchasing card to order items on-line, over the phone, or at a store. The student should be prepared to show a College ID when using the purchasing card. When an order is made, the student must fill out a pink “Purchasing Card Purchase” form and submit it to his/her supervisor.

All forms are available from the coordinator of theatre operations. Please be sure you understand all procedures before making your purchases. Receipts and paperwork for purchases must be turned in to the coordinator of theatre operations at most one week after the purchase has been made. Delinquency in returning paperwork or failure to provide a clear accounting of purchases may result in having one’s purchasing privileges revoked.