All B.F.A. TP&D majors must attend ALL strikes whether they are assigned to the production or not. Failure to attend will result in a lowering of the current semester production assignment grade by one full grade for each strike missed. In other words, if you miss one strike, the highest grade you can expect on your current production assignment is a B. If a student is not getting credit for production in any given semester, this policy will affect their next semester production assignment grade. This counts for all Theatre Production, Advanced Theatre Production, Advanced Projects, Senior Projects or Independent Studies in which B.F.A. Theatrical Production & Design students are enrolled.


All B.F.A. design/technology majors must participate in production every semester they are in residence at Ithaca College. The only exception is if a student attends the London Center. 


Students who wish to engage in non main stage (non-curricular, assigned) production opportunities (on and off campus) must fill out a "Request for Permissions to Participate" form prior to any work commencing. Failure to do so will result in a lowering of your current production grade by one full letter.