Welcome to the School of Music!

Ivy Walz

The School of Music curricula provide students with breadth and depth through experiential learning. Students develop essential skills in the language of music, allowing them to discover, apply, perform, improvise, or compose, in diverse styles and genres. The liberal arts components of all music degrees provide rich opportunity for interdisciplinary partnership and innovation, and our students are encouraged as bold thinkers to draw their own connections of theory, practice, and performance across the whole of their studies at Ithaca College.

Supporting young musicians requires an “it takes a village” approach. As faculty and administrators, we provide the space and opportunity for students to discover a broad spectrum of connections to their music making. The study of music, like all academic pursuits is rigorous. We are committed to mastering and modeling lives of balance in the 21st century, seeking a middle ground between passionate, generous, heartfelt giving and our own health, self-care, reflection, and rest.

We seek to create gateways to musical experiences for all. Our mission calls us to educate students who transform the human condition through the art and practice of music. An aspect of inclusivity is the sharing of knowledge across disciplines and beyond borders. The School of Music is ideally poised for this kind of connection building, and our students and faculty may be found actively engaged on campus and in the community, building collaborations and relationships that sustain and bring meaning. Whether teaching young children, performing at retirement communities, collaborating with professional organizations, or debuting new works on tour; we teach students who serve humanity by providing enriching and diverse musical experiences.

The School of Music has a vast alumni network that includes a tradition of career mentoring for the next generations. This legacy is foundational to our longevity and will continue to deepen as we intentionally dedicate our work to increasing and including a more diverse student and faculty body. As we navigate a changing landscape, we will continue to open and evolve so we may inspire students to carry forward the transformative power of music as they build thriving communities. Please join us as we carry forward our legacy of excellence and lifelong learning!