Data Governance

What is data governance?

Data governance is the set of practices that Ithaca College uses to ensure accurate, secure, reliable, and accessible information regarding the college and its constituents. It is a multi-faceted initiative tasked with managing data collection, definitions, storage, quality, access, and other aspects of the information that internal and external stakeholders use to make business decisions regarding college operations.

How does IC achieve successful data governance?

Data governance at Ithaca College is managed by a governing body consisting of two groups:  the Data Governance Working Group, which is comprised of over 20 information managers from across campus, and the Data Governance Executive Committee, which includes staff, faculty, and student representatives. These governing bodies maintain explicit authority in management and use of data within all enterprise resource planning systems.

The Data Governance Working Group works to find solutions to data governance issues and proposes those solutions to the Executive Committee. In turn, the Executive Committee submits recommendations to the President’s Senior Leadership Team, giving the process a “bottom up” approach and placing the power in the hands of those most familiar with the data.

View the structure for data governance.

For more information, please see the Charter for Data Governance.

View slides from our presentation at the 45th annual North East Association for Institutional Research (NEAIR) conference.

Data governance members for the 2019-20 academic year

Data Governance Working Group


  • Yuko Mulugetta (AIR)


  • Elijah Earl (AIR)

Staff representatives

  • Julie Andrews (Advancement Services)
  • Claire Borch (AIR)
  • Vanessa Brown (Information Technology)
  • Jose Castro (Information Technology)
  • Duane Corbin (AIR)
  • Benjamin Costello (Constituent Engagement Strategy)
  • Mike Di Brienza (Admission)
  • Julia Dillard (Finance and Human Resources Application Services)
  • Cole Gruberth (AIR)
  • Lisa Hoskey (Student Financial Services)
  • Mary Knapp (Admission)
  • Linda Koenig (Legal Affairs)
  • Jen Landon (Finance and Human Resources Application Services)
  • Vikki Levine (Registrar)
  • Matt Lewkowicz (Finance and Human Resources Application Services)
  • Luca Maurer (LGBTQ Education, Outreach and Services)
  • Jill Moreland (Student Financial Services)
  • Bonnie Prunty (Student Affairs and Campus Life)
  • Andrew Siefert (AIR)
  • Rob Snyder (Information Technology)
  • Mary Jo Watts (Information Technology)
  • Maggie Wetter (Legal Affairs)
  • Tinita Wheaton (Registrar)
  • Jacqueline Winslow (New Student and Transition Programs)

Data Governance Executive Committee


  • Yuko Mulugetta (AIR)
  • Scott Erickson (faculty, Marketing)


  • Elijah Earl (AIR)

Faculty representative

  • Matt Thomas (Mathematics)

Student representatives

  • Rachel King
  • Stuti Singh

Functional representatives

  • Benjamin Costello (Constituent Engagement Strategy)
  • Vikki Levine (Registrar)

IT representative

  • Vanessa Brown (Information Technology)