Numbers, numbers, everywhere!  How do you find the information you need?  The answers to these frequently asked questions may help!

What types of information are available from AIR?
AIR is a resource for planning, historical, and trend data about the college.  The Finding Institutional Information page of this website provides links to most AIR analyses that are routinely distributed.  We have extensive knowledge of the college's data, as well as advanced analytical capabilities, and can serve as strategic partners in planning and decision making.

I'm in charge of the academic program review process for my department.  Where do I find data?
Typically, the Provost's Office provides a document that lists the types and locations of data recommended for academic program review.

I can't access some of the analyses listed on AIR's website.  How can I get access?
For new access, please have your dean's office or supervisor contact to request access on your behalf.  If you're having technical difficulties, please email

What should I do if I can’t find the information I need on AIR’s website?
All information available to students is publicly accessible via this website.  IC faculty, administration, and staff, please complete our information request form.  Others, please email

When do I request information from Analytics and Institutional Research versus from the Office of the Registrar?
In general, questions about current student data (data reflecting what’s going on right now) should be directed to the Office of the Registrar, while requests requiring multiple semesters or years of data and/or “official” college figures should be directed to Analytics and Institutional Research.  Still unsure?  Don’t worry:  AIR and the Office of the Registrar work collaboratively to make sure requests for information will be fulfilled by the appropriate person.