Unity Café

Unity Café provides a platform for student-artists to develop and project their voice in a 45-minute set while sharing personal narratives rooted in identity and anti-oppression. Ranging from comedy, spoken word, dance and performance, song, and creative speed art, each session is designed to engage the audience through creative arts and empower individuals to look inward and consider their own responsibility to social change.

Drawing inspiration from Actors on Actors, MTV Unplugged, VH1 Storytellers, and the NPR Tiny Desk Concerts, Unity Café aims to provide students of color with a platform for their art and social change efforts.  The space fosters dialogue around social change and anti-oppression organically through storytelling and the arts. 

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Future Events | Fall Semester
  • Cafe Con la Directora/Coffee with the Director: Friday, September 15 | 5:00 pm | Ideas Lounge (3rd Floor Campus Center)

  • Cafe con la Directora/Coffee with the Director and Office of Career Exploration and Development: Wednesday, October 18 | 4:00 pm - 6pm | 101 Muller Faculty Center