Each year during commencement weekend, the Center hosts a reception to honor the commencement of select students who exemplify leadership in programs with the BIPOC Unity Center or other programs across campus including their families and networks of support. During this reception, we also highlight the award recipients of our BIPOC Unity Leadership Awards; 5 prestigious awards based on involvement, academic excellence, and service. 

  • The Gloria A. Hobbs Award- Presented to students who have shown empathy, helpfulness, and a willingness to go above and beyond in support of their peers throughout their undergraduate experience.
  • The DuBois/Mandela Award for Scholarship, Leadership & Service- Presented to students for their significant scholarly achievements (cumulative 3.5 GPA or above) coupled with exemplary contributions to the campus and local community through service and continued civic engagement (i.e. work with a local agency, created a sustainability service opportunity, continued alternative break leadership).
  • The Chung/Thorpe Leadership Award- Presented to students who have increased the profile of the community of color through continued participation in leadership roles throughout their Ithaca College experience (i.e. student orgs, honors societies, local boards, clubs, academic associations).
  • The Chawla/Ochoa Academic Achievement Award- Presented to students who have shown a commitment to enhancing their educational experience through scholarly pursuits, while maintaining a high level of academic achievement (cumulative 3.3 GPA or higher). (Note: This award is intended for students who have done outstanding academic work outside the classroom in their field of interest: i.e. research, conference presentations, published writings, etc.)
  • The Chavez/Lorde Social Justice Award- Presented to students who have demonstrated a strong dedication to social change for the Ithaca College and local community through various platforms, projects, or initiatives (i.e. created a fashion line, started a new student org, developed a social media campaign, produced music or film, established a new campus event/program).

We are thrilled to honor the class of 2023, join us in celebrating our award recipients.