Faculty and Staff Opportunities to get Involved

Faculty and Staff Involvement

There are several opportunities for current Ithaca College Faculty and Staff to get involved with the BOLD Program! If you are interested in any of these opportunities, please email bold@ithaca.edu.

Scholar Mentor

BOLD Scholars are often looking for faculty/staff mentors across campus. If you are interested in serving as a mentor to a scholar, please reach out. This relationship would be defined between you and the scholar in a way that works for both of you!


Consider helping with the yearly selection process by becoming a trained facilitator or interviewer for the group or individual interviews. This would be approximately a ten-hour time commitment each Spring (training, group interview, individual interviews). 

BOLD Advisory Board

The BOLD Advisory Board is a group of Ithaca College stakeholders that have valuable insight into components of the BOLD Program. This group meets monthly based on availability. 

Facilitating the Curriculum

The BOLD Program follows a curriculum that was established by the Pussycat Foundation. Topics from the first year of the curriculum include, but are not limited to, group dynamics, critical thinking skills, engaging in difficult dialogues, leading through an inclusive lens, managing triggering events in a group, navigating disagreements and conflict, how to be an ally, personal narratives, values and ethical leadership, strengths quest, exploring diversity and social identities, exploring power and leadership, conflict styles, intergroup dialogue, cultural competency and intersectionality, and several case studies/scenarios. The second year is more focused on topics including identifying campus issues, navigating campus resources, constructing effective advocacy plans, creating project proposals, event planning, implementation of ideas, and assessment of work. 

Faculty or Staff could discuss these topics with the BOLD Director and commit to facilitating one, or multiple, lesson plans which have already been created. You could also suggest a different topic that you feel would be beneficial to the cohort.