Overview of the IC BOLD Women's Leadership Network

The BOLD program at Ithaca College provides significant financial support and a robust professional development and leadership program that will position cohorts of highly ambitious BOLD Scholars to enter meaningful careers upon graduation with the requisite skills, dispositions, and networks to be successful leaders in their career fields.

In alignment with the BOLD Women’s Leadership Network’s mission and core objective to prepare Scholars to succeed and be agents of change for leadership in the workforce, the Ithaca College BOLD Scholars program is structured to ensure that Scholars are deeply engaged in bi-weekly, carefully curated professional development sessions that will challenge them to go beyond their current understandings about who they are and their capacity to embody what the organizational management and leadership research tells us about what it takes to be a successful leader. The curriculum will also provide them with opportunities to gain and practice critical competencies while exposing them to a meaningful network of women leaders from whom they can draw as educators and mentors as they learn to build a network of support for their career trajectories. 

BOLD scholar head shots

Class of 2024 BOLD Scholars 

IC will provide opportunities that take Scholars beyond their comfort zones and expose them to communities and experiences to which they would otherwise not have access. These include an annual retreat for scholars that happens during Fall Break, special leadership experiences such as professional conference attendance to enhance Scholars' career preparation, and a reading circle on women’s leadership topics each semester with BOLD alumni invited.

The BOLD program will introduce Scholars to experiences, individuals, and opportunities that open doors for their careers and develop their professional networks, including: leadership development portfolios, career mentorship, guidance to find summer internships or post-grad fellowships, professional presentation opportunities, and leadership recognition.

Each Scholar will create a mentoring network of professional women related to their current interests, major, or future career to enhance their career development.