BOLD Scholars 2019-2021

Ithaca College welcomed their third cohort of scholars in the fall of 2019. This cohort includes Chanelle Ferguson, Carolina Jeronimo, Julia Klipp, Oluwasekemi Odumosu, Taury Phelps, Daniela Rivero, Lesley Rodriguez, Paula Rodriguez, and Gabriela Urbaez-Mendez.

Chanelle Ferguson

Junior BOLD Scholar Chanelle Ferguson, headshot

Writing major with minors in Journalism and African Diaspora Studies

Chanelle was born and raised in Bronx, NY with Jamaican roots where her parents immigrated from. When she's not covering stories as a student writer at IC View, she is a co-president of the student organization EMPOC (Engaging Mental Health in People of Color) and a member of the Students of Color Coalition. Chanelle is passionate about storytelling and social justice, and she aspires to be a journalist and writer that highlights the voices of the voiceless.

Carolina Jeronimo

Junior BOLD Scholar Carolina Jeronimo, headshot

Business Administration major concentrating in Management with a minor in Sociology

Carolina is a first generation Mexican-American from Queens, NY. She is a co-president for the student organization EMPOC this year, an organization about mental health for people of color.

Julia Klipp

Junior BOLD Scholar Julia Klipp, headshot

Sociology major with minors in Counseling, Education Studies, and Art

Julia grew up 5 minutes from downtown Syracuse, New York and she is a graduate of Henninger High School. She is honored to be a first gen college student, and being the first person in her family with the access and resources to pursue higher education has inspired her to advocate for similar opportunities for other students.

Oluwasekemi Odumosu

Junior BOLD Scholar Oluwasekemi Odumosu, headshot

Physics major with minors in Computer Science and Live Event Design and Management

Oluwasekemi is a first-generation student from Philadelphia, PA. In addition to her STEM degree, she is very passionate about social projects in low-income communities, as she feels that financial class is the biggest barrier she — and many others — face on the path to success. Sustainability is another of her passions. This includes sustainable and equitable social systems, environmental systems, and financial systems, since all three are intertwined. After she graduates, she hopes to join the Peace Corps and/or the United States Coast Guard before pursuing a career in data science or economical event planning.

Taury Phelps

Junior BOLD Scholar Taury Phelps, headshot

Cultural and Communication Studies major with a minor in Education Studies

Taury is currently working in Career Services as a PCA and she is also co-captain of the IC D.O.P.E Steppers.  In everything that she does, she strives to promote nobility, diversity, productivity, and transparency. That is why she applied to be a BOLD scholar, and she feels so blessed to be a part of this network of dynamic and exceptional women. In her quest for a meaningful life, Taury believe in and exercises the importance of empathy as a tool for communication, collaboration, and overall success.

Daniela Rivero

Junior BOLD Scholar Daniela Rivero, headshot

Social Movements and Latin American Studies majors 

Daniela is a first generation immigrant from Mexico, and she am passionate about migrant rights, climate justice, podcasts, and magic realism novels. She is involved with the Committee on Decolonial Affairs (CODA), Engaging Mental Health in People of Color (EMPOC), and she co-hosts a podcast called In-Between. Daniela is most inspired by her beautiful family, by indigenous anti-systemic movements in Latin America, and by the incredible community of faculty and peers in Ithaca.

Lesley Rodriguez

Junior BOLD Scholar Lesley Rodriguez, headshot

Sociology major with minors in Legal Studies and Latino/a Studies

Lesley was born and raised in The Bronx, NY, and she is the daughter of two Dominican parents. On campus, she is the co-president of the Caribbean Students Association Organization, one of the founders of Curls & Coils serving as Curl Advisor, and an Island Fusion dance team member! Lesley is so happy and honored to be a part of BOLD’s 3rd Cohort and can’t wait to work alongside the other beautiful and motivated women!

Paula Rodriguez

Junior BOLD Scholar Paula Rodriguez, headshot

Sociology major with minors in Legal Studies and Latinx Studies

Paula was graciously raised in a single parent household by her father in Spanish Harlem (El Barrio), where she became more and more aware of the injustices that occur in New York City housing for the lower income community. As a Puerto Rican woman, she chose her course of study to allow her to move forward so that when she graduates she may be able to achieve and see the change for her community and others alike. Being able to join a network of like-minded women who are as passionate as her about their cause as well as their career shows her that this change is more possible than ever. 

Gabriela Urbaez-Mendez

Junior BOLD Scholar Gabriela Urbaez-Mendez, headshot

Exercise Science with a Medical Concentration major

Gabriela is from Brockton, MA, which is a city located in Boston. She and her younger brother were raised by a single mother. Her passions are fitness and health. Gabriela's dream job is to be a trauma surgeon, and be able to travel to different countries and provide resources that many countries do not have. On campus, she is the president of a club called Queen Strength, which is a female fitness organization and co-president of a new organization called Melanin In Medicine which focuses on supporting POC on campus interested in the health field and providing them with resources.