Pursuing a Law Degree

The study of law does not require the completion of specific undergraduate majors or courses; prospective attorneys have remarkable freedom in their choice of study.

The choice of major is less important than the acquisition of knowledge and the development of skills that will assist the aspiring law student. The most appropriate courses are those that require students to develop and practice analytic and problem-solving skills, reading and interpretation skills, writing and oral communication skills, and active listening abilities. In addition, students are advised to enroll in courses in language study, research, organization, and management.

IC students have been admitted to law school from a variety of majors, including liberal arts majors such as History, Philosophy, Politics, and Psychology, and professional majors such as Business Administration, Journalism, and Legal Studies.

Since 2011, between 35 and 60 students have applied to law school from Ithaca College each year; we have an 85-90% acceptance rate of those students (compared to 78% nationally), indicating that IC students receive the right kind of education, experience, and advising to succeed in their chosen field. Over the past several years, students have been accepted to and have matriculated at a variety of law schools throughout the country, including:

  • Cornell University
  • Albany Law School of Union University
  • State University at Buffalo
  • Hofstra University
  • New York Law School
  • University of Pennsylvania
  • Villanova University
  • Suffolk University
  • American University Washington College of Law

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Jonathan Chalmers, Career Engagement Specialist