Motivational Interviewing Training

Spring 2024 Training Opportunity

The Center for Health Promotion and Human Resources are excited to be offering Motivational Interviewing training opportunities for Ithaca College employees. Motivational Interviewing is a conversation style that helps individuals make changes. This evidence-based technique can be used to help inspire individuals to make positive behavior changes and increase their confidence to achieve these changes they desire.  This technique is an excellent strategy that can be used in different settings across campus as Ithaca College employees work to help students and colleagues develop and grow.  

This training is especially beneficial for individuals that work with our students as they are navigating challenges such as building connections, resolving relationship concerns, academic or career path concerns, time management, building healthy routines, and more. This training will equip participants to help the student problem solve and find solutions that are achievable for them.  

There are two trainings available, based on experience with motivational interviewing: Register Here 

Beginner to Intermediate Training (6 hours total) 

  • When: Wednesday March 13th from 9:30am to 12:30pm and Thursday March 14th from 9:30am to 12:30pm  
  • Where: Clarke Lounge  
  • Coffee, Tea and Light Refreshments will be available 
  • Participants that complete the beginner/intermediate level training can choose to register for the advanced training as well  

Brief description: In this interactive training participants will learn the underlying spirit, structure, and principles of Motivational Interviewing, participate in practical exercises will help participants strengthen empathy skills, learn how to recognize and elicit change talk with students, and roll with resistance. Participants will leave the training having had the opportunity to practice using motivational interviewing in scenarios that they might come across in their work at IC.  

Advanced Training (3 hours total) 

In order to attend the advanced training, individuals must have at least 3 hours of prior training in Motivational Interviewing  

  • When: Thursday March 14th from 1:30pm to 4:30pm  
  • Where: Clarke Lounge  
  • Coffee, Tea and Light Refreshments will be available 

Brief description: During this interactive workshop, participants will briefly review and practice Motivational Interviewing spirit and some basic skills with an overview of what's important. Participants will learn about change talk and methods of eliciting and also learn how Motivational Interviewing overlaps and integrates with other therapeutic or coaching methods. 

Meet the Trainer!  

Angelica Dellapenna is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC) and Member of the Motivational Interviewing Network of Trainers (MINT).  Angie has worked in higher education in a variety of capacities.  This includes the counseling center, health education, and as an advisor for several student groups.  She provides MI training specific to faculty and staff working with students who are exploring and building motivation for change.  Additionally, she trains students involved in peer-support platforms. Her training is engaging and focused on helping participants use MI skills alongside their current style of practice.  Angie is passionate about working with helping professionals that are interested in strengthening their skills and abilities to help others develop autonomy and sustainable change.   

This course may be eligible for participants to submit as Continuing Education Credits based on the trainers' certifications and licensure.