Ithaca College Launches New Initiative to Support Students and the Field of LGBTQ Higher Ed Resource Professionals

Landmark Initiative Debuts Fall 2022

Innovative institutional model supports student belonging and success

As an additional layer to Ithaca College’s efforts to build a more vibrant and inclusive culture at all levels of the college, it is proud to announce the creation of the IC Pride Fellowship. One of the first of its kind nationally, the IC Pride Fellowship is a two-year fixed term paid fellowship position made available to recent graduates and young professionals looking to gain access and insights into the fields of LGBTQ campus resource professionals, higher education, and student affairs. The role provides an early career experience designed to instill key core competencies to become effective leaders and changemakers to make a meaningful impact both during their time at Ithaca College and beyond. 

The new professional in this role will learn to put research into practice, explore innovative ways to support LGBTQ student success, and increase equity and access. The interconnectedness and mutuality of our campus community is woven into the Center's fellowship model; as the fellow learns and grows this will benefit not only them as an individual, but also our students, and our institution.

Learn more about the IC Pride Fellowship:

Make a difference in Ithaca College LGBTQ life, and across our campus community. As an IC Pride Fellow, you’ll gain valuable skills, make meaningful impact, and create lasting change.

The IC Pride Fellowship is a prestigious paid two-year fellowship for recent graduates. It provides opportunities to gain insight into the fields of LGBTQ campus resource professionals, higher education, and student affairs, through a transformative early career experience. Fellows gain professional competencies needed to be outstanding leaders and changemakers while engaging in compelling work.

The fellowship demonstrates an institutional commitment to increasing the number of traditionally under represented and historically disenfranchised people in higher education. The fellowship diversifies and broadens the pipeline of our professions.

Learn fundamentals of campus LGBTQ student support and advocacy. Fellows receive on the job training as they learn how to put research into practice as an LGBTQ campus resource professional. Fellows will explore and propose innovative ways to support LGBTQ student success, address barriers, and increase equity and access. In this role, you should have a deep passion for LGBTQ culture, history and resources, and want to share them with others. To excel in this role, you must consider equity and justice essential to LGBTQ liberation.

As typical day for a fellow might include:

• Teaching and facilitating others’ learning about LGBTQ people and themes through a social justice lens

• Connecting potential participants with an upcoming event, learning opportunity or experience

• Collaborating with colleagues to integrate LGBTQ cultural/historic elements into existing campus programs

• Planning or leading a pre-semester leadership program or experiential learning program

•  Participating in a conversation with the leaders of on or off-campus professionals and groups to plan a shared response to a social issue.

 • Supporting the rest of your team

• Participating in a professional development webinar

• Meeting with individual students and groups of students to discuss issues most impacting them, and developing a plan of action together.

This fellowship is mutually beneficial to the fellow and to Ithaca College.
This fellowship allows the fellow to:

  • Gain hands on experience and valuable skills
  • Understand and develop core competencies and standards of practice necessary for LGBTQ directors and professionals in higher education
  • Increase their knowledge and mastery of the roles and responsibilities of LGBTQ Center campus resource professionals in higher education, and the field of Student Affairs
  • Plan and analyze their work through racial and gender justice lenses
  • Expand their professional network

The fellowship allows Ithaca College to:

  • Utilize the talents and skills of new professionals
  • Invest in the personal and professional development of new professionals seeking to enter the field
  • Provide opportunities to new professionals to experience Ithaca College as a working professional and gain additional perspectives
  • Demonstrate an institutional commitment to increasing the number of under represented and historically disenfranchised student affairs professionals in the field

The IC Pride Fellowship program is a hands-on program. Fellows are given a wide range of assignments that reflect the work of support, programming, resources and advocacy on behalf of LGBTQ college students and communities. Part of becoming effective in the LGBTQ higher ed resource professional role is obtaining practical experience in the day-to-day life of campus LGBTQ Center staff. With guidance and supervision from an experienced supervisor, fellows will frequently follow a project from start to finish, as they review research, strategize around goals, attend meetings with members of the campus community, and conceptualize action plans -- all in the service of then putting this into practice to best support LGBTQ student success. The director will work with the fellow to ensure that their work is best aligned with their interests, and serves the needs of our office and the marginalized communities we serve.