Hello and welcome to the Transgender Resources page!  Here, you'll be able to find information on name changing documents, transgender housing, gender friendly bathrooms, and more.  You can also find resources linked here from other great providers of transgender care and education.  If you have any questions, contact Director Crissi Dalfonzo at cdalfonzo@ithaca.edu

Non-Discrimination Policy

Here's Ithaca College's official non-discrimination policy, which notably includes "sex, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression."  


Ithaca College's Non-Discrimination Policy 

On-Campus Gender Friendly Restrooms 

You can find this on one of the LGBT Center pages - but in case you haven't already, here's our page that lists every building on campus that has a gender friendly restroom.  It includes information such as how it's labeled, the floor of the building it's on, and anything else you need to know when you may need a gender friendly restroom.  


List of On-Campus Gender Friendly Restrooms (Non-Residence Buildings) 

List of On-Campus Gender Friendly Restrooms (Residence Halls)

Ithaca Area Gender Friendly Restrooms

The lovely folks at the Planned Parenthood of the Southern Finger Lakes and Out for Health have created an app, Pee in Peace, that details the locations of gender friendly restrooms throughout the Ithaca area. This app includes downtown Ithaca, Cornell's campus, and Ithaca College's campus.  


"Pee in Peace" App 

Transgender and Nonbinary Student Housing Policy 

If you are a student who is transgender or outside of the gender binary, you may request a housing accommodation two ways. You may simply call the Residential Life office at 607-274-3141 or submit the Transgender and Non-binary Housing Request form. The request form is voluntary and we will work with you to meet your housing needs, regardless of whether you decide you fill out the online form. By filling out this form, Residential Life will be prompted to reach out to you before each housing selection to offer assistance with the selection process. Give Residential Life a call in January or February of each year if you would like to talk about housing for the next academic year, if you decide not to fill out this form. First year students looking for a compatible roommate can use the social media channels for admitted students or meet them in-person during orientation.  Sometimes, specific LGBTQ Residential Learning Community housing and gender-inclusive floors are offered, but this depends on the interest of the students.  


Transgender and Nonbinary On-Campus Housing Requests

Lived Name (sometimes called Chosen Name or Preferred Name) and Gender Change Policy (Current Students) 

Want to change your name if the name you go by is different from your legal name? Want to change your gender marker at Ithaca College?  The form at the link  below has sections for each of these.  Changing your chosen/preferred name will move into most college processes, including but not limited to: student email, library information, Canvas online learning platforms, the bookstore, class rosters, and the student directory.  You can even get your student ID reissued in the name you go by!  Simply visit the ID Office on campus and request it - and look your best, they'll take a new photo of you if you wish!

Please note: The Health Center and CAPS use separate computer systems to keep all your personal health data safe - but no worries, all you need to do is ask them to input your lived name into their systems. Then their systems will be on board with the name you use too. It's an extra step for you, but it's worth it!


Scroll down on this page to find the online Form for Changing Your Lived Name (sometimes called Chosen Name or Preferred Name)
Scroll down this page to find the online form for Changing Gender at IC
Scroll down this page to find the link for your Changing Legal Name at IC

Name and Gender Change Policy (Alumni) 

Are you an alumnus who has changed your name or gender? Update these with Ithaca College! Once you've done so, you can also request a transcript or a replacement diploma reflecting your current name. If you're an Ithaca College alumnus, you can change your name and gender marker through the Registrar's office (linked above in the Current Students section) and then request a new transcript and a replacement diploma. And, one's gender does not appear on Ithaca College transcripts and diplomas.


Form to Request a New Transcript

Form to Request a New Diploma

Preferred Name (Employees)  

Ithaca College employees can also change their lived  name (sometimes called chosen or preferred name).  To do this, simply go to the self-service area of HR Cloud, and most of the college processes will use your preferred name.  Employees can also have their college ID issued in their preferred name.


Sign in to the Employee Self Service area of IC's HR Cloud to designate your lived (sometimes called chosen or preferred) name. 

Legal Name Change Process and Gender Marker Changes on Identity Documents

The campus LGBT Center provides resources on the legal name change process in our county, as well as the process for changing other identity documents with name and gender marker (driver's license, passport, birth certificate, etc). Resources for students changing their name or identity documents in other states are also available. The LGBT Center also partnered with Out for Health, Planned Parenthood of the Southern Finger Lakes LGBT Health & Wellness initiative, to create an awesome new booklet that has information on every process for changing your name and gender marker on important identity documents! Forms for students and employees to update the college after a legal name change are below. For each, verification of your legal name change should be submitted along with the appropriate form.


Know-How Booklet and Forms 

Form for Changing Legal Name (students) - submit to Registrar

Dependent and Contact Add/Update form (employees) - submit to Human Resources

On-Campus Health Services

The Ithaca College student health insurance plan covers non-surgical therapy related to transition.  This includes hormone therapy and counseling.  Hormones for transgender students are covered by the Ithaca College student health insurance, in the same manner as other prescriptions as part of its prescription plan.  The college's CAPS (Counseling and Psychological Services Center) counselors and therapists are also highly skilled and knowledgeable in serving transgender students and come recommended from the LGBT Center.  In addition to our campus counselors and therapists at CAPS, there are  also a number of knowledgeable, transgender affirmative therapists locally.  Ask CAPS or the LGBT Center for information about referrals.


Ithaca College CAPs Services

Off-Campus Health Services

Even if you aren't a student (or if you want to use off-campus health services as a student), the Ithaca community has a number of great resources for transgender health. Planned Parenthood of the Southern Finger Lakes, located in downtown Ithaca, has hormone therapy and preventive health services for transgender people.  This is not a campus service, but a service provided in the local community. There is a fee for this service but if finances are a concern these can be discussed before one's first appointment.  A person may become a new patient if they are seeking transgender related health care for the first time - or, if they are already being seen by a medical provider in their home community or their previous town that is providing transgender related health services to them, they may transfer their care and their records to this office so that they have a local provider here. You can reach them at  607.273.1513 to request an appointment or request additional information.

The Planned Parenthood website also includes an awesome new booklet that has information on every process for changing your name and information as a transgender person!  


Planned Parenthood of Ithaca Gender Affirming Care Overview

Voice and Communication Modification Program

Ithaca College provides this program for transgender students, faculty, staff, and even community members!  One of the only programs like it in the country, the Voice and Communication Modification Program focuses on developing voice, articulation, non-verbal communication, language, voice-related quality of life, and self-perception.  It's open to both male to female and female to male transgender people.  The program is free to students, faculty, staff, and family of staff or faculty.  Community members who don't fit into those categories have to pay a nominal fee, and people must sign up in advance to be a part of this group.  


Information and Brochure about the Voice and Communication Modification Program

Student Article on the Experience as a Client

Transgender Support Group 

Everyone can use a little extra support, and if you're a transgender person that would benefit from attending a local support group, Ithaca College's LGBT Center, Cornell's LGBT Center, and Out for Health jointly support a transgender support group for people in the Ithaca area.  You can find more information at the link below, or by contacting IC's LGBT Center, Cornell's LGBT Center, or the Planned Parenthood of the Southern Finger Lakes at the number listed under the Off-Campus Health Services header.  


Transgender Support Group 

General Information

Did you know?

Ithaca College was named one of the top 10 trans-friendly schools in the nation

And the Most Innovative, in part because of our Voice and Communication Modification Program for People in the Transgender Community

This FAQ for LGBTQ students considering Ithaca College may also be helpful.