Student Speaker Selected for Commencement Ceremony

Ali Kelley will represent the Class of 2021.

Ali Kelley

In the spirit of inclusivity and of broadening the voices to be represented at this important celebration, all undergraduate seniors were invited to compete to be chosen by the Student Speaker Selection Committee to represent the Class of 2021. Selected to deliver those remarks was Ali Kelley, a School of Business student majoring in business administration with a concentration in management, and minoring in integrated marketing communications, communication management and design, and live event design and management.

In addition to serving as Senior Class president, Kelley has held leadership roles with the Student Governance Council and has been a student representative on the Institutional Effectiveness and Budget Committee, Dean’s Host for the School of Business, Student Leadership Consultant in the Office of Student Engagement, and member of Students Today Alumni Tomorrow and Colleges Against Cancer.

Among other honors, Kelley has received the Peggy Ryan Williams Award for Academic and Community Leadership. She not only also spoke at the college’s December Graduation Celebration, she helped plan it for her course in Applied Event Management.