Marching Order & Registering for Commencement

Marching Order is a software Ithaca College uses to allow students to sign up to attend the graduation ceremony.  

  • No, applying for your degree is a SEPARATE process that you did in the fall and has nothing to do with attending the graduation ceremony.  
  • Applying for your degree tells us you intend on graduating, what your diploma name is and where to mail it. 
  • Marching Order tells us if you are attending the graduation ceremony or not. 
  • All students who plan on attending the graduation ceremony need to register through Marching Order to let the college know you plan on attending the ceremony. This is mandatory and needs to be completed by March 6, 2024 at 5pm. 
  • Signing up only takes 5 minutes. 
  • Make sure you click the SUBMIT button at the bottom of the signup page. 
  • Find your email from Marching Order that was sent on either February 7th or 20th, your personal link is in those emails. If you still cannot find it email
  • If you already created an account, click this link to get to the Returning Users login page. 
  • No, this is optional and not required. This is also called a Thank You Slide which will be included in a slideshow prior to the beginning of the graduation ceremony. 
  • If you choose to complete this option, it is due by March 6, 2024 at 5pm. 
  • You cannot change your message or photo after March 6, 2024 at 5pm. 
  • Yes, if you are an undergraduate student you need to reserve your guest tickets through Marching Order by March 6, at 5pm. 
  • Each student can receive up to 5 guest tickets. 
  • Tickets that are unused will be released on a first come first serve basis for students that need extra tickets. 

After the signups for graduation are over, we will be able to determine how many more guest tickets we can offer students. An announcement will be made in mid-April of how you can receive more tickets. 

No, but it is recommended. 

Academic Regalia (Caps and Gowns)

Yes, all undergraduate students are required to wear a cap and gown. Graduate students are required to wear a cap and gown and bring their hood. 

No, the cap and gown ordering deadlines are: 

  • To have it delivered to the IC Campus Store – April 1, 2024  
  • To have it delivered to another location – April 15, 2024 

Use the OakHall link here to order your cap and gown. 

No. This year the decision was made not to include the IC branded white stole as part of the commencement regalia package.

Honors & Honor Cords

Congratulations on this important accomplishment. For information regarding Latin Honor Cord distribution, please check the Honors & Honor Cords section of the website. 


All students will have their diplomas mailed to the home address we have on-file 6-8 weeks after Commencement and after it has been confirmed that all requirements for graduation have been met and the First Destination Survey has been completed.

  • December 2023 diplomas will be mailed mid to late January 2024 
  • May 2024 diplomas will be mailed mid to late June 2024

All graduates who participate in-person at the Commencement ceremony will be given a diploma cover.  Students who do not participate in-person can purchase diploma covers from the campus store. 

General Information

Commencement is the ceremony celebrating the conferral of degrees. Also known as a graduation ceremony. 

  • Your friends, you will line-up the morning of with your friends regardless of their last name or school. 
  • Marching order has no impact on where you will sit. 

There will not be a graduation practice ceremony. 

  • No, Ithaca College allows all December 2023 through December 2024 students to participate in the May 2024 Commencement ceremony.  
  • If you do not want to attend the May 2024 ceremony you can say no, I am not attending on the Marching Order website. 
  • There will be an opportunity for December graduates to attend the December graduation ceremony. 

Additional Questions?

Commencement is a campus-wide event involving multiple departments and people. In order to ensure your question gets to the right person, please contact our Commencement email address.