Student Speaker Selected for Commencement Ceremony

Letícia Guibunda will represent the Class of 2022.

Letícia Guibunda

In the spirit of inclusivity and of broadening the voices to be represented at this important celebration, all graduating seniors were invited to compete to be chosen by the Ithaca College Commencement Committee to represent the Class of 2022 as the student speaker. Selected to deliver those remarks was Letícia Guibunda, an international student from São Paulo, Brazil who also calls Maryland home after living there for many years. Guibunda studies within the School of Humanities and Sciences, majoring in Spanish with a self-designed minor in biological research and applied sciences.

As the vice president of campus affairs for the Student Governance Council (SGC), Guibunda represented the student body on the Presidential Search Committee. She initially was elected to the SGC as an International student senator. She has worked on campus as a student leadership consultant in the Office of Student Engagement; H&S Summer Scholars student researcher; director of marketing and public relations, historian, and treasurer for the IC African Students Association; and treasurer for the IC International Club.

Among other honors, Guibunda has received an award at the James J. Whalen Academic Symposium and other conferences for her biology research. She was also recognized in 2021 with the Anne Siegel ’81 Memorial Scholarship for involvement in the extracurricular life of the college and the John P.E. Brown ’35 Scholarship for her volunteer community service.