What is Protected

Through the right of first use and federal registration, Ithaca College maintains several protected terms. Only approved licensees will be able to produce, display, and distribute merchandise bearing these terms and marks.

Protected Terms

  • Ithaca College (requires ®)
  • IC (requires ™)
  • Bomber(s) (requires ™)
  • Bomber Nation (requires ™)
  • Ithaca [followed by sport/club/organization name or 1892] (requires ™)
  • Any combination of the above

Official Logo Use

See art sheet, which contains logos available to licensed vendors through the LLP Approvals on Demand system. Logos are not required to be used on merchandise.

  • Ithaca College logos (one primary, four secondary alternatives) - requires ®
  • Ithaca College athletics logos (one primary, one interlocking "IC") - requires ™


In almost all merchandise applications, the inclusion of the appropriate trademark symbol (see above). The only exceptions are the following:

  • If the trademark symbol would be so small that it could not be read, you may omit it and attach a label stating that the Ithaca College logo is a trademark of Ithaca College.
  • If the merchandise is extremely high quality (e.g., gold or other precious metals, crystal), you may omit the trademark symbol and attach a label stating that the Ithaca College logo is a trademark of Ithaca College.
  • The trademark may be omitted on official team uniforms.

Color, Designs, and Fonts

Protected names and marks may only be displayed in the colors listed below. Merchandise bearing protected names or marks may only be produced in the colors listed below:

  • navy blue (no other variations of blue)
  • gold
  • gray
  • white
  • black
  • light pink
  • tan

It is important to note that ONLY solid colors are to be applied when using our artwork or any of our protected names produced in the colors light pink or tan. Navy blue, gold, gray, white, and black are approved for solids and patterns*.

No bejeweled, bedazzled, or rhinestone applications are allowed. *Patterns subject to approval. When not using Ithaca College’s official artwork, the use of drop art is permitted but is limited to the use of non-script style lettering (i.e. print/block lettering only -- no cursive fonts).


Recognized campus groups and organizations affiliated with a national organization may use the national organization's logos and/or colors on merchandise in conjunction with the protected terms. The name or logo of the national organization must be included on the merchandise. Ithaca College's identity standards must still be met if using the College's official artwork. All protected terms listed above may be in the national organization's colors scheme, provided official artwork is not used.

For example, IC Hope may have a purple t-shirt produced, as long as "Relay for Life" or "American Cancer Society" are included in either word or logo form on the merchandise. The Ithaca College logo may be used on this merchandise as long as its use follows the Graphic Standards. See example below.

Recognized student organizations may use their logos and color scheme within their logo even if their club name or merchandise includes one of Ithaca College's protected terms. The product must comply with the Ithaca College licensing program (base colors and block lettering beyond the student organization logo). The Ithaca College logo may be used on this merchandise as long as its use follows the Graphic Standards and is not at all connected to the organization's name or logo.

For example, IC Voicestream may create merchandise using their black and red logo, as long as the merchandise base colors comply with the licensing program and all other wording is in block lettering. See example above.