Angela Branneman

Associate Professor, Theatre Arts



Theatre Arts Management Courses

Course:  Theatre Organization and Management

Non-profit business structure; boards and governance; artist/manager career opportunities in arts and entertainment; marketing, development, education; general, financial, and company management; history of regional arts and the National Endowment for the Arts; copyright law and Creative Commons licensing

Course: Producing Theatre

Commercial business structure; artist and venue contracts; unions, collective bargaining, and labor relations; Broadway, Disney, Las Vegas productions; music and arts festivals; touring; artist booking and management; producing and presenting. Interdisciplinary experiential learning projects: 24-Hour Play Festival and Wings of Spring site-specific dance event

Course: Professional Aspects of Theatre

Artist career development and personal management; ethics, accountability, and stewardship as an arts practitioner; career networking; professional community service

Course:  Rehearsal and Performance for Theatre Arts Management

Weekly business meeting for theatre arts management majors reporting on practicum assignments and completed internship presentations; setting agendas and goals; mini-lecture series on time management, customer service skills, delegation/staff management, general management topics, professional comportment

Course:  Theatre Projects/Independent Study

Mentor an area of students’ self-directed study and interest in theatre arts management

Course:  Professional Internship

Supervise students during semester or summer session completing internship in professional theatre company