Amy Frith

Associate Professor, Health Sciences and Public Health
School: School of Health Sciences and Human Performance

Selected Publications

Frith, A.L., Naved, R.T., Persson, L.A., Frongillo, E.A. The relationship of prenatal maternal

stress on birth size is modified by the start time of participation in a prenatal food supplementation program. (Accepted Maternal & Child Nutrition February 2013; early online version DOI: 10.1111/mcn.12047)

 Frith, A.L., Naved, R., Persson, L.A. Rasmussen, K.M., Frongillo, E.A. 2012. Early participation in prenatal food supplementation program ameliorates the negative association of food insecurity with quality of maternal-infant interaction. Journal of Nutrition 142:1095-1101. Chosen for Press Release of article in May 2012. 

Lapp, J.L. , Ressler, W., Frith, A. 2011. College students, vending machines and improving nutritional choices: The effects of adding healthier foods on perceptions of vending machines. (accepted International Journal of Food Safety, Nutrition and Public Health)

 Frith, A.L., Frongillo, E.A., Ekstrom, E., Rasmussen, K., Naved, R.T.  2009. Micronutrient supplementation affects maternal-infant feeding interaction and maternal distress in Bangladesh. American Journal of Clinical Nutrition 90:141-48.

 Frith, A. DOI: 10.4016/48125.01. (508 hits; January 2013) (Invited and sponsored by the American Nutrition Society).

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