Laurie Arliss

Professor Emerita, Communication Studies


B.A and M.S. from SUNY Cortland. Ph.D. in Speech Communication from SUNY Buffalo. Dr. Arliss teaches courses in interpersonal communication and small group communication, but her primary interests are in gender and family communication. She has authored two textbooks in these areas and edited another, and has published a number of book chapters and journal articles focused on gender and family relationships. Dr. Arlisss currently serves as department chair.

On teaching.....

"In all of my classes, I encourage students to challenge their assumptions about personal relationships through expanding their knowledge, sharing their views with their classmates, and listening to the voices of others. I hope that students will learn, as I have, that formal education can be a natural extension of life outside of the classroom--whether the challenge is professional or personal."

"In my spare time, I enjoy being at home with my family. I also enjoy golf and tennis and I admit to being an avid sports fan, with special places in my heart for the Ithaca College Bombers, the New York Giants, and the New York Yankees."