Amy Rominger

Clinical Associate Professor, Speech Language Pathology and Audiology



Undergraduate Courses

SLPA 24000 - Basic Audiology 

Study of anatomy and physiology of the hearing mechanism, acoustics, auditory pathologies, classification of hearing disorders, and the profession of audiology. Additional topics covered include pure-tone and speech audiometry, immittance measures, and material of current interest.

SLPA 24200 - Aural Rehabilitation

Study of the perceptual, psychological, and educational implications of hearing loss. The course will focus on areas significant to the (re)habilitation of individuals with hearing loss, such as identification, evaluation, remediation, and counseling. Prerequisites: SLPA 24000.

SLPA 33000 - Advanced Clinical Audiology

An in-depth exploration of clinical audiology with hands on experiential learning. Topics include but are not limited to diagnostic procedures, hearing technology, special populations, and patient-centered practice. Students engage in active learning through integrating lecture materials, hands-on activities, lab work, and group projects. 

Graduate Courses

SLPG 65502 - Audiology and Assistive Technology/Listening Devices

Students will develop an understanding of the psychosocial, educational, vocational, and linguistic effect of hearing loss. Lecture topics include the normal and disordered auditory system; interpretation of test results; listening devices and assistive technology for treatment of auditory disorders; and troubleshooting equipment. Emphasis is placed on the role and scope of practice of the speech-language pathologist in screening for and treating hearing disorders through technology.

Clinical Teaching

Supervision of undergraduate and graduate speech-language pathology students in the audiology clinic during the academic year and first summer session.