Amy Rothschild

Assistant Professor, Politics
School: School of Humanities and Sciences


2017. “Victims versus Veterans: Agency, Resistance and Legacies of Timor-Leste’s Truth Commission.” International Journal of Transitional Justice 11(3): 443-462. 

2015. “Democratization of Perpetration: Human Rights, Transitional Justice and Memories of Resistance in Post-Conflict Timor-Leste.” Conflict and Society 1(1): 92-108. 

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2021. “Victimhood and Martrydom in Timor-Leste.” In Timor-Leste: The Island and the World. Timor-Leste Studies Association.

Forthcoming papers:

2023. "Human Rights in Timor-Leste's Struggle for Independence." (Indonesia, Cornell Press)

2023. "Remembering the Santa Cruz Massacre" (Conference Proceedings, TLSA)