Arno Selco

Emeritus Professor, Theatre Arts


Articles and Interviews

These are highlights of articles I have written and interviews with me published over the years in my role at Ithaca College.

Singing in Character

My article for Teaching Theatre magazine outlining my fourteen-step approach "to guide young actors through the process of creating believable, compelling characters when they sing in musicals."

The College Experience Comes to Life

A former student's article for her high school newspaper describes her experience in my pre-college musical theatre summer program from 2014.

She writes "I had no idea that I was about to have one of the greatest, and most educational experiences of my life; meet some of the most incredible, creative people I had ever encountered; and have a blast while doing it. The program didn’t just meet my expectations or exceed them — it blew them out of the park!... My professor, Arno Selco, was funny, experienced, and an incredible teacher."

Interview in The Chronicle of Higher Education

I am quoted and profiled in this 2007 article about the role of faculty in fundraising. You can read the article online at the Chronicle of Higher Education website (free account login required) or view a PDF version below.

file-outline A Call for Faculty Fund Raisers - aselco-chronicle_interview.pdf (148.16 KB)

From The Chronicle of Higher Education (March 30, 2007)