Beth Ellen Clark Joseph

Professor, Physics and Astronomy
School: School of Humanities and Sciences

IC Wind Power Project

Ithaca College has performed a study of the feasibility for a wind turbine to partially power the Campus.  The college received a $25K grant from NYSERDA to fund 50% of the feasibility study, and contracted with Sustainable Energy Developments Inc., to perform the study.  A temporary meteorological tower was set up in 2008 and came down in 2009.  Wind speeds on South Hill were measured for a period of 6 months.    The final report on the study has been submitted to Ithaca College.  At this point in time, Ithaca College does not have plans to construct a wind turbine in the near future.

Wind Speed Observations up to 50m and Extrapolation to 80m

This excel spreadsheet contains the calibrated data for wind speeds and directions as a function of date.  Worksheets record observations up to 50m, and an extrapolation to 80m.  Units of speed are in meters/second.