Chrystyna Dail

Associate Professor and Director of ICC, Theatre Studies
School: School of Music, Theatre, and Dance

A selection of scholarly writing

Books and Book Chapters

  • Dail, Chrystyna. Stage for Action: U.S. Social Activist Theatre in the 1940s. Carbondale: Southern Illinois University Press, 2016. (ISBN 978-0-8093-3542-8
  • Dail, Chrystyna. “Margo Jones and Alma Winemiller: A Director and Her Doppelgänger” in Great North American Stage Directors, Volume II: Harold Clurman, Orson Welles, Margo Jones, Volume Editor, Jonathan Chambers, Series editor, Jim Peck, London: Methuen Drama (Bloomsbury), 2021 (ISBN 978-1350045699).
  • Dail, Chrystyna. “Driving Race Work: The UAW, Detroit, and Discrimination for Everybody!” in Working in the Wings: New Perspectives on Theatre History and Labor, edited by Beth Osborne and Chris Woodworth. Carbondale: Southern Illinois University Press, 2015. (ISBN 0-8093-3420-8)


  • Dail, Chrystyna. “Introduction to the Special Section: ‘Shifting Shapes: Witch Characters and Witchy Performances,’ Theatre History Studies 40 (2021): 103 - 109.
  • Dail, Chrystyna. “When for “Witches” We Read “Women”: Advocacy and Ageism in Nineteenth-Century Salem Witchcraft Plays,” Theatre History Studies 39 (2020): 70-88.
  • Dail, Chrystyna. “Front Doors as National Borders: Immigrated  Performances and Ukrainian Vertep,” Theatre Annual 72 (2019): 23 – 38.

  • Dail, Chrystyna. “Locating Fascism by Dislocating War: Stage for Action’s Skin Deep." Theatre History Studies 34 (Fall 2014): 151 - 168.

  • Dail, Chrystyna. “Radical Economics for the ‘Ordinary American’: Arthur Miller’s That They May Win.” Journal of American Drama and Theatre 23 (Spring 2011): 91 – 107.

Book, Performance, and Archive Reviews

  • Dail, Chrystyna. Working Backstage: A Cultural History and Ethnography
    of Technical Theater Labor by Christin Essin,” Modern Drama 65.4 (December 2022): 595 - 597.
  • Dail, Chrystyna. “Class Divisions on the Broadway Stage: The Staging and Taming of the I.W.W. by Michael Schwartz,” Theatre Journal 67.2 (May 2015): 371 – 373.
  • Dail, Chrystyna and Marisa Andrews. “Review of LA Theatre Works production of Arthur Miller’s The Man Who Had All the Luck. The Arthur Miller Journal IX (Spring/Fall 2014): 88 - 94.
  • Dail, Chrystyna. “The Peggy Clark Archive at the Library of Congress,” Performing Arts Resources 25 (Fall 2007): 73 – 76.