Carly Jo Hosbach-Cannon

Associate Professor and Graduate Program Chair, Speech Language Pathology and Audiology
School: School of Health Sciences and Human Performance

Recent Presentations

  • ASHA SIG 19 Live Discussion Event, "How Do I Teach That? Ideas from Fellow Speech Scientists" (2023) Co-Presenter with Mandulak, K., Story, B., Mehta, D., McHenry, M. & Berkowiz, S. *invited presentation

  • Keltz, A., Hosbach-Cannon, CJ., DeRosa, E., Leydon, C., & Lerner, M. (2022) Academic-Practice Partnerships in Speech-Language Pathology: Expanding Clinical Learning Environments, 30-minute Technical Session, Annual Convention of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association, (New Orleans, LA)

  • Hosbach-Cannon, CJ & Callahan, A (2021) Resources and Strategies for Teaching Anatomy & Physiology: Computers, Cadavers, and Everything In-Between. Annual Convention of the American Speech-Language- Hearing Association, (Washington, DC) *invited presentation

  • Zendano, A. & Hosbach-Cannon, CJ (2021) Assessment of Voice Characteristics within the Non-Binary Transgender Population: A Pilot Study. Poster Presentation (virtual), Annual Convention of the

    American Speech-Language-Hearing Association, Washington, D.C.

  • Miholics, K & Hosbach-Cannon, CJ (2021) Self-report of Voice Model Usage within the Non-Binary Population. Poster Presentation (virtual), Annual Convention of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association, Washington, D.C.

  • Hosbach-Cannon, CJ & Guerrera, CM (2019) Sonographic Assessment of Hyoid Elevation and Suprahyoid Muscle Contraction During 4 Controlled Protocols. Poster Presentation,  Fall Voice Conference, Dallas, TX.

  • Guerrera, CM & Hosbach-Cannon, CJ (2019) Breathiness as a Factor of Contact Quotient in the Perception of Femininity in the Male-to-Female Transgender Voice. Poster Presentation, Fall Voice Conference, Dallas, TX.


  • Hosbach-Cannon, CJ, Miholics, K & Zendano, A. (2022) Self-report of voice model usage within the non-binary and gender non-conforming populations. Perspectives of the ASHA Special Interest Groups

  • Lowell, SY, Kelley, RT, Dischinat, N, Monahan, M, Hosbach-Cannon, CJ, Colton, RH, & Mihaila, D (2021). Clinical features of essential voice tremor and associations with tremor severity and response to octanoic acid treatment. Laryngoscope, 131 (11): 792-801

  • Hosbach-Cannon, CJ, Lowell, S, Colton, R, Kelley, R, & Boa, X. (2020) Assessment of Tongue Position and Laryngeal Height in Two Professional Voice Populations. Journal of Speech-Language and Hearing Research, 63 (1): 109-124

  •  Lowell, SY, Kelley, RT, Monahan, M, Hosbach-Cannon, CJ, Colton, RH & Mihaila, D. (2019). The Effect of Octanoic Acid on Essential Voice Tremor: A Double-Blind, Placebo Controlled Study. Laryngoscope, 129 (8): 1882-1890

  •  Lowell, SY, Kelley, RT, Busekroos, L, Voleti, RV, Hosbach-Cannon, CJ, Colton, RH, Mihaila, D (2017). The Effect of Anchors on Reliability of Endoscopic Tremor Ratings. Laryngoscope, 127(2), 411-416.

  • Hosbach-Cannon, C, Lowell, S, Kelley, & Colton, R (2016). A Preliminary Quantitative Comparison of Vibratory Amplitude Using Rigid and Flexible Stroboscopic Assessment. Journal of Voice.